Anjo Tanabata Festival

It is held annually on the 1st weekend in August.“Where wishes best come true in Japan.”This is our slogan for this grand festival.

Tanabata Festival in which people write their various wishes on colorful strips to coloring Anjo’s summer.Decorative paper balls which have 2m in diameter, and implements of an elaborate ideas.Bamboo decorations waving outside various houses compete the art of brilliant paper, Anjo becomes a city of colorful dream.Under the dreamy colored bamboo decorations, people enjoy their feasts, and the city is burning with the passionate thought. In the dust, bamboo decorations become multicolored flowers, much more glorious.
The richly-colored dreams sways in the Tanabata Festival. To commit peoples’ wishes, Tanabata Festival. The two gods must be seeing the gloriously swaying bamboo decorations.


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